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A new dimension of precision


Even the best experts can deliver poor equipment. To avoid it, we create tools supporting the assembly of electronic packages with high-quality workmanship. Our offer features solder frames, work stations, profile gauges, replacement parts and solders, and many more. It’s simple! You order a project, and we finalize the design and production. 

It is worth betting on us, because:

  • we use the best composite materials with high temperature resistance,
  • we advise clients on the best solutions from the perspective of specialists,
  • all elements used in the production of frames meet the requirements of ESD standards,
  • metal processing and creating production stations have no secrets for us,
  • we listen to our customers and take into account all necessary comments,
  • we bet on transparent rules - we stick to the prices set at the beginning,
  • we operate with ecology in mind, using non-invasive technology of supplying and utilizing waste.


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Solder frames

Equipment for soldering processes is our specialty. When it comes to solder frames, our offer includes made from scratch: 

  • wave solder frames,
  • selective solder frames,
  • coating trays,
  • frames for reflow soldering of flexi tiles,
  • hand soldering stands.


Usługi CNC
Produkcja stanowisk produkcyjnych

Profile gauges

Each product must be inspected to verify its parameters. When it comes to profile gauges, our offer features made from scratch:

  • basic profile gauges - for visual shape control,
  • extended profile gauges - with a system of measuring sensors.

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