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We produce machines that create the future!

Our mission is about much more than creating tools and work stations for factories. It is us who give birth to the electronic equipment that accompanies people every day. No computer, TV set or car can be created without the use of specialized soldering equipment, just as no engine can be made without complicated parts, produced by CNC machines. Solparts is a business with a rich tradition that has set itself the goal of supporting the electronics industry and building a world friendly to us all. We are a silent hero who stands behind the backs of the great creators of works of modern technology. Since 2010, our core focus has been the needs of customers, optimizing their work thanks to specialized equipment, investments and the rich experience of our employees. 




So far, we have invested in much more than just a machine park and a series of training courses for employees. We have also allocated our capital to research works leading to the implementation of breakthrough solutions and technological innovations, all to improve the quality of our products and services. Tools supporting the assembly of electronic packages are created in the process of ongoing development and improvement.

We are continuously pursuing the vision of a modern enterprise that is not afraid to take up trials and challenges. We are both a responsible business partner, a reliable supplier, as well as an honest contractor and employer. Each element of our operations is interconnected, and our activities have been consistent since the company’s inception.



Our approach to ecology, which we care for through the methods of production, supply and waste disposal, also remains unchanged. We are aware of how much harm we can cause for the environment, which is why we strongly focus on recycling. After all, we know that taking care of nature is conducive to modern technologies, and above all, economy.

For that reason, our offer also includes the regeneration of solder binders, i.e. deoxidation of melt by means of innovative recycling technology. In addition, we are running a melt purchasing center, which is an offer for companies wishing to get rid of tin alloy waste. We are constantly developing the scope of our activity, the main element of which are tools supporting the assembly of electronic packages. 

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